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Prescott Fine Art Gallery and Teaching Studio



you can commission Tamara for a painting of your choice, sign up for classes (private, semi-private and group), purchase paintings/prints of her work and even purchase a frame that would look fabulous in your home or office.

Bob Ross CRI: Tamara received her Bob Ross CRI (Certified Ross Instructor) in Muncie, Indiana, at the beautiful historical site where Bob filmed his PBS series. The training was intense, gratifying and an unforgettable experience. Upon completion, she was given her Certificate in the very room where Bob filmed the show for 31 seasons.

Oil Paintings: In addition to Bob Ross style painting, Tamara enjoys getting lost in very intricate and detailed layered land and cityscape oil paintings. She enjoys the intimate details of cottages, buildings, forests and old European architecture.

Available for Commissioned Paintings: Tamara is available for commissioned paintings. She can replicate one of her original pieces or paint from a photo of your choosing. You can also order prints of her paintings from this website. One popular commission is to have her paint from a photo of your home while adding her own artistic slant.

Background: Tamara’s love of art started decades ago as she watched her father-in-law who was an esteemed artist from Ireland. She was fascinated by how he could make images come to life with just a brush, a canvas and a few paint colors. was about the same time that she became aware of Bob Ross by watching his PBS series and was intrigued with the wet-on-wet technique. She started painting along with Bob and took some art classes at the local Michael’s and the Bloomfield-Birmingham Art Center in Birmingham, Michigan. In addition to Bob Ross style painting, she did decorative work and other various creative projects.

Raising her two children and running her business kept her very busy and her love of painting was placed on the backburner. Years later she decided to pick up her paint brushes once more and became 100% dedicated to her craft.

Business Experience: Tamara owned her own advertising agency in Michigan for over 20 years. Although she always loved the creative side of the advertising business, Tamara’s forte was in media planning/buying and negotiating with broadcast, print media and outdoor companies to get her clients the lowest rates.

Personal Life: Tamara moved to Arizona from Michigan in 2015. She is an avid hiker and lives in Prescott Valley with her husband, Melvin, and two dogs aka ‘the boys’ - Winston – age 16 & Jaspen – age 7.

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