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Enlighten Candles


Julianna Lyddon, the creator of Enlighten Candles Arizona, is an intuitive life coach with a masters in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy. She has had a private practice in Arizona for more than a decade, and her speciality is helping guide people to find their soul purpose so they can stand in their power, fully. She utilizes her intuitive skills, energy work and creativity to empower others to realize their gifts and use them to bring their dreams to fruition.

You may ask, how do candles relate? She does admit, she has always been “candle obsessed” and had an inner desire to teach herself the art of candle making. Being a creator at heart, Julianna never shies away from a new project, especially when she feels it deeply. She believed there was a way to create a candle that packed a powerful aroma, while remaining as eco-friendly as possible. Through LOTS of trial and error, she taught herself to make not just any soy candle, but one that will guarantee you become “candle obsessed” as well. Our recipe at Enlighten Candles Arizona is unlike any other; the scents are diligently selected based on complex layers of aromas, making each one unique and memorable. Along with her classic collection of candles, she has many other designs that hold deeper meaning, including candles that are imbedded with crystals, treasures, or charms and are accompanied by inspiring messages on each vessel. These were influenced through her work with people in her practice and her intuition. The Mantra, Altar, Lucky Charm, Chakra Light and Love Note series are examples of how a candle can help create growth and change within the individual because of the way it is purposed. Candles are a tangible way to bring powerful messages to light. As the candle burns, it acts as a focal point for introspection and stillness. Coupled with the message on the candle, it becomes a beautiful token for spreading love and encouragement.

Our team consists of artisans who have an old world charm for handcrafted products. We believe hand pouring candles makes them better! We don’t keep much inventory because we want our candles to be fresh and made to order. The creative process of hand pouring, infusing oils, and inspecting each candle is our pride and passion at Enlighten Candles Arizona. When you light our candles, you will experience the magic that goes into each container.

Our candles are made with Non-Gmm soy wax which is an eco-friendly, natural alternative to paraffin wax candles that are made with petroleum by-products. We use cotton/paper blend wicks which provide a clean burn, as well as a long burn time. At Enlighten Candles, our superior quality oils are phthalate free giving our candles a uniquely aromatic and clean throw.

We can’t wait to share our magic with you!.

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